Shipping Container Accessories and Modifications

We specialises the sale and distribution of shipping container accessories and modifications. All the product that we offer are designed to be quickly and easily installed with no need for welding or painting. We also offer installation guides and installation videos on Youtube just to show how easy it is.

Stacking Pins / Twist Locks

Shipping Container Stacking Pins- 6200

£27.50 £22.92 Ex. Vat
£5.99 £4.99 Ex. Vat
Rated 4.00 out of 5
£38.99 £32.49 Ex. Vat
£5.99 £4.99 Ex. Vat
Rated 4.60 out of 5
£172.00 £143.33 Ex. Vat
£44.99 £37.49 Ex. Vat

Utility Poles

Quickfit Utility Pole

£74.99 £62.49 Ex. Vat

While an ISO Container is designed specifically for use at sea for shipping goods across the world, they can be modified to meet your specific needs. Some custom container options are as simple as adding shelves to organize stored items or they can be as extensive as creating complete modular buildings.

Shipping Container and Container Modifications Have Become To Suit Various Needs Such As:

  • Self Storage Units

  • In Plant Offices

  • Cooling Stations

  • Break/lunch Rooms

  • Site Offices

  • Guard Positions

  • Weigh Stations (Aggregates, Mines, Ports, Highway, etc)

  • Welfare Units

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The Benefits Of Using Our Products:

Our products offer a sound and proven solution for container conversions. No more rust stains or leaks which plague modified containers which have been welded. The shipping container accessories we provide have proven immensely popular throughout Canada and the United States of America. Giving Customers the ability to modify their shipping container for their specific needs.

Our Bolt-on lock boxes offer a simple, yet effective and extremely secure way of keeping you container secure. They also come powder coated to save time, hassle painting and any future rust occurrence.

We offer easy to install doors and window kits. all our shipping container modifications and accessories come complete with installation guide and if it a lock box a template to enable quick installation. Why not Check out our Youtube Channel and see just how easy to install our accessories. We believe the record still stands of eight doors in one day!