Air Vents Installation – A Clever Way to Modify A Shipping Container

Air Vents

Truth be Told: One of the smartest things you could ever do for your shipping container is to install air vents for adequate ventilation. 

Shipping containers were built to be tough outside in order to withstand the rigours of the seas. However, what happens inside a container is important too, especially if you are shipping household items, heavy machinery, automobiles, special chemicals or gases, and other dry goods. These giant metal boxes are airtight. And over time, airtight spaces cause moisture, rust, heat, and fumes build-ups that can damage any merchandise.

It is also evident that the container industry has advanced from transporting valuables into a trade where these units are used for various reasons – from portable storages to offices and housings where a comfortable atmosphere is preferable.  While there are many applications possible, proper ventilation is vital, no matter what the container is used for.


How Can Air Vents Help

Air VentsAir Ventsair vents


1. Reduces Heat

Temperature changes like extreme heat can not only ruin your merchandise but also pose a great threat to your life. Particularly, if you are storing flammable materials in your container. Trust us, we have seen exceedingly hot days where you can literally see hot air wafting out.

2. Controls Condensation

When a metal container is exposed to temperature changes outside such as extreme heat, it causes the humidity in the air to condense. And when the container cools significantly, the internal temperature will not be able to hold its moisture. This will now result in a change from vapour to liquid, otherwise known as container rain, that will eventually damage items of various kinds. To combat this effect, a natural airflow system should be present inside the container.

3. Lessens Unwanted Odours

Shipping containers have their door closed thus there’s limited air movement inside. As a result, toxic fumes from some chemicals can build up and affect either the walls of the container, the items inside, or the person opening the doors. Air ventilation reduces any strong odour by having fresh air constantly flowing in and out of the containers.

4. Prevents Rodents and Insects 

Cargo owners do not want moisture or even insects entering and damaging their assets in transit or not. Good thing, our units come complete with a screen to prevent any rodents or insects from getting inside the containers.


Our Recommendation

In order to take full advantage of proper ventilation, we recommended to install two large air vents at the top and four small standard ones at the bottom of each side of the container. This allows hot air to escape at the top and cool air to get in the bottom maximizing natural air flow.


How To Correctly Install Air Vents

Watch the step-by-step installation guide on our YouTube channel.

How To Purchase Air Vents

Not how, but where! Just click here (large air vents) and here (standard air vents). Check also our other products on eBay and Amazon.

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