Container Security Tips – Secure Your Shipping Containers

Container security when storing valuable tools is vital. With many latest trade tools costing thousands of pounds, simply purchasing a Shipping Container off eBay to place on a plot of land or on-site is not enough.

A standard ISO Shipping Container offers four standard points on each door lever to insert a padlock however these are very exposed, not only to being forced open but to bot-croppers, hammers, pliers or angle grinders and to the elements, with wet weather and heat causing the padlocks to rust and cease up, making them almost impossible to open.

To increase container security we recommend either installing or requesting a Container with in a powder coated Lock Box to ensure your padlock is covered. A good lockbox will cover the shackle of the padlock to make it impossible to break off using bolt croppers or any hand tools and will also ensure it would take a very long time, a lot of noise and large number of cutting disks using an angle grinder to break through.

There are two main options when it comes to fixing your Lock box, either bolt-on or Welded. If your purchasing a container brand new or ‘one trip’ even then go for a factory fitted/welded option, these will be well installed and treated to with stand the elements, painted the same colour as the rest of the container and made from good quality steel.  However if your are going for used or if you don’t want to refer to it as used, a more mature, seasoned container go for a bolt-on option this will reduce the chances of the box weakening from rust, imperfections in the welding and with good quality with nylon threads with prevent an opportunists or organised thieves forcing the doors open.

When looking for the ideal secure padlock for your container lockbox its important to consider the length of the shackle, if its too long, it will hang down lower than the box, leaving it exposed. A shutter padlock between 80 to 94mm is ideal for most lockboxes, including our Insta Bolt-on Lockbox -3240.

Container Security Tips
Insta Bolt-on Lockbox – 3240

If you were looking of something a little more secure than your average lockbox, Our Bolt-on Puck Lockbox may well be your answer. This offers far greater protection from break in attempts with the Puck Lock Keep embedded with in the shroud of the Lock Box.

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