Repairing Shipping Container Roof and Side Panels

Damages on shipping containers can occur at any time. This is due to the fact that this moving steel box has structural components like roof and side panels that are susceptible to wear and tear, rusting, and container collisions mostly caused by forklifts and equipment mishandling. 

That is why everyone in the freight industry knows that shipping containers don’t last forever. But, with proper maintenance and adequate repair, it can serve you up to its longest possible time.

At Quickfit Container Accessories, we recognize these kinds of shipping container component issues. On that account, we aim to alleviate the problem by offering quality container replacement parts and accessories. The longevity and productivity of your shipping containers solely rest on your hands.

Now, let’s begin with the roof and side panels.


When do you need a roof panel replacement?

A shipping container’s roof generally poses the biggest problem, especially when the cargo it contains usually lands in the tropics. It gets beaten down by the weather condition then, rusting develops.

Also, rusting is one of the most common problems of containers used for storage. When the top of your shipping container is neglected, it gets soiled by the gradual clustering of dust. Later on, the collected dust will attract moisture. Then, moisture will eventually lead to a rusty roof panel.

As a general principle, the rust build-up on the insides of a roof panel is a 12-month fail indicator. This means you need to repair or replace it within 12 months or it will no longer be favourable for you. Your roof panel will fail.

It is also important to note that roof panel replacement happens because of shipping container modifications. Some customers utilise shipping containers not for storing purposes but for business and other personal needs.

Specifications:Container roof panel

  • Corrugation: 5
  • Made from durable Corten steel
  • Finish: Primed in Grey
  • Size: Standard profile 2350 x 1042mm
  • Can be glued on top of the existing roof panels (provided they have the same profile)

So, if you are ready to purchase roof panels that are engineered to withstand all known weather conditions and are perfect for your container modifications, jump on this link


When do you need side panel replacement?

Side panels should be strong and straight. Therefore, dints that are more than 50mm in any direction, rust holes, patches of steelwork, leaks on the sidewalls or holes caused by poor handling in a side panel would naturally demand immediate attention.

If these anomalies are evidenced in a shipping container, then it cannot be put in a survey for transport. Remember that a shipping container is built to be stacked. They are piled up while travelling from port to port. They need to be wind and watertight. So, if the side panels are damaged, the cargo inside may also be severely affected by the so many issues caused by a flawed side panel.

You have the options to repair, replace or modify a shipping container according to how you want to use it.


Side Panel

  • Corrugation: 4
  • Dimensions: 1.6mm x  116mm  x  2380mm
  • Finish: Prime
  • Size: Standard 8’6″
  • High-quality Corten steel


Now, if your container badly needs new side panels for repair, replacement or modification, check this link.  We might have what you’re looking for!

Why Corten steel? Because containers will easily rust out in a few years if it is not made of Corten steel. 

Corten steel or weathered steel is an alloy that presents surface rust which means it can go rusty but will not damage the structural integrity of your container. It does not rust as quickly as normal steel does in damp, tropical climates 

If you want shipping container panels that last longer and perform better, they should be made out of Corten steel.

Wait! There is one more thing you need to know.

When it comes to repairing, replacing or installing your new roof or side panels, we recommend the most cost-efficient, highly-effective and environmental-friendly adhesive product we have in the market today – it’s Timmer Sealer!Timmer Sealer

Yes, welding can do the trick. However, it is a known fact that welding creates brittle joints; therefore, these joints offer less strength than the joined or glued ones. It can distort the structural integrity of your shipping container.

So, if you’re looking for dependability and durability more than what regular welding can deliver; then, Timmer Sealer is the best option you’ve got. 

If you want to know more about Timmer Sealer, check our blog about it. Click here.



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