The 3 Reasons Why Container Levelling is Important

container levellingIf you plan to temporarily or permanently situate your shipping container anywhere you want, then you must be level-minded — literally. 

A lot of people are now seeing various alternatives to using shipping containers. And though it’s now highly multifunctional, the fact that a container’s solidity and stability still lies on how well it has been placed on site. This is why container levelling tops our checklist on container care.

Levelling a container is a sensible way to ensure that your container reaches its maximum lifespan. To achieve this you need to prepare the site and ensure that your container sits on even grounds.

In this post, we explain The 3 Reasons Why Container Levelling is Important.

1. To Avoid Jammed Doors

One of the possible reasons why your doors are not opening or closing is misalignment caused by uneven surfaces.

You see, when the front of the container slopes into one direction and the rear slopes in the other direction, the end frames twist and the doors get misaligned. As a result, you get a racked container.

Unlevel grounds can seriously affect your day-to-day operations.

2. To Preserve Container Modifications

A modified shipping container such as a mini mobile kitchen or a mobile music stage needs to be transported to various events from time to time. At these times, levelling a container is essential. For if the site does not provide a solid level ground, the converted container will not maintain its present form.

3. To Ensure Safety 

Container levelling may seem to take time but if you are keen on avoiding the rocking caused by unlevelled containers, you will see every minutes’ worth.

Shipping containers are huge steelworks and their weight is enough to crush any bone — all bones, rather. So adjustments should be continuously checked or, if needed, made.

Along the way, these containers get heavier once you fill them with goods. For this reason, goods or cargos that are not evenly spread out can affect a container’s levelness.

How To Level Your Container Correctly

  • Prepare the ground or site.
  • Make sure you have corner supports that can take the load of your container.
  • Use the right tools for it like levelling pads and levelling twist-lock leg. 


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