The 6 Benefits of Timmer Sealer Technology (TST)

Timmer Sealer TechnologyShipping Containers need a powerful sealing solution in order to extend their life for many years. If you need a strong professional adhesive product that will give you high profit with less work and zero waste, then TST got you covered.  The 6 Benefits of Timmer Sealer Technology (TST) will prove to you that when it comes to keeping your containers in tip-top condition, it gives you the best solution.

  1. Premium Quality

    Timmer Sealer Technology (TST) is a professional and universal sealing polymer and adhesive with an elongation/contraction of 300% based on MS Polymer®  Technology. These unique properties result in extremely strong adhesion and durability. Moreover, it is important to note that TST is strategically designed and developed to hold Superstructures.

  2. Time-Saving

    TST can be used in any type of weather. Consequently, this allows you to save lots of time and money. Its sealing is wet-on-wet applicable, so you don’t have to wait for the rain to stop before you can apply it. This means it retains its functionality even on wet or damp surfaces. And yes, underwater too. Additionally, TST dries quickly under the influence of humidity to a permanently, high modulus elastic rubber. Sandable and paintable immediately after curing, TST stands to have superior sealing in most conditions without using primer coating.

  3. Food Safe

    Our ISEGA certification proves that Timmer Sealer Technology (TST) is safe even in direct contact with food. Added to that, this sealant is safe to use in the food transport industry as it is resistant to molds and fungus.

  4. Sustainable

    Because TST does not have isocyanides and solvents, clean indoor air is possible for the family. The Timmer Sealer EMICODE label guarantees low odourless emission which means you will still enjoy a clean and safe indoor air even after using this product inside a shipping container. Evidently, our outstanding technology helps to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment.

  5. Multifunctional

    Applicable to use over various industries like transport, construction, home, and recreation, TST can fill and seal any kind of joints, cracks, and holes. It is ideal for the wood, aluminium, and steel on ship decks. Also being able to absorb vibration, joining metal to metal with not be a problem with TST. Likewise, this innovative adhesive glue can serve as rubber sealants for reefers and containers. Timmer Sealer Technology (TST) generates neither fouling nor discolouration which makes it particularly suitable for natural stones bonding.

  6. Cost-effective

    For a very low-price, TST comes in sets of 2 with a white and grey variant. Offering a shelf life of 12 months, this powerful solution saves money through its quality. Our advanced technology at TST not only clears our glue from all known harsh adhesive chemicals but also works to give you your money’s worth.



Timmer Sealer Technology (TST)

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