The Essentials of A Shipping Container Self-Storage Facility

We all know that shipping containers are perfect for storing goods. They were built that way. That’s why a lot of people are opting to store their items in them instead of just throwing them away. So, if you’re thinking of stowing your belongings in a self-storage container, here are some essentials you may need.

Essential No. 1: Check the structural integrity of the container.Shipping Container Accessoires

Shipping containers were built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Because of that, their final use should be considered before revamping them. Picture out what you want it to look like before you get started on your modifications.

Essential No. 2: Install divider walls to organize items efficiently. 

The divider wall inside a shipping container can easily create two separate compartments. Hence, it allows you to equally divide a container into two units where you can allot one door for each section. These, then, can be used by two separate customers. Also, divider walls can be quickly placed and removed with absolutely zero boltings or welding.

Self-storage companies have recognized the practicality of using Shipping Container Divider Wall. That is why it has quickly gained its popularity in Canada and the USA.

Did you know that you can install them in 5 minutes or less? Check out our YouTube divider wall installation video.

Essential No. 3: Mount utility poles to provide a safer environment. 

Outdoor Utility PoleOutdoor Utility PoleA safer self-storage environment may mean setting up a CCTV or ensuring adequate lighting. And for that, you need utility poles.

Our High-Quality Utility Pole is an excellent choice for that Light Fittings, CCTV and PIR Sensor self-storage solution you want for your container.

Self-storage sites with a 24-hour operation now endorse mounting CCTVs and light fittings on containers for solid coverage of the yard specifically after dark. Installing utility poles is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Watch it here.

Essential No. 4: Place padlocks to protect your belongings. Shipping Container Shutter Lock, includes 3 keys

Whether you plan on relocating your container or just leaving it stationary on your property or in a storage facility, utilizing excellent security is solely your responsibility. And, most often than not, purchasing a padlock for securing your container is a smart move to deter any intruder.

Our Shipping Container Steel Shutter Padlock offers excellent protection for doors, roller shutters and gates.

Essential No. 5: Add bollard for added security.

Bollards are your security posts. By serving as a traffic guide, it signals a stop to any restricted area where you don’t want vehicles to drive through. Its above-ground or in-ground installation creates a roadway demarcation to block unauthorized access. Mostly, its practical use for lane delineation or hazard identification offers enough protection for your shipping containers.

We offer a wide range of High-Quality Bollards that you can choose from, depending on how and where you want to use them. Take your pick here.

Quickfit Accessories Bollards

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