About Us

With over 30 years worth of experience within the industry of Storage and Self Storage and the use of shipping containers, we have identified many of the common faults that occur when the modifying shipping containers is not carried out properly.

Many of these problems are due to poor general design with exposed metal work, low quality paintwork, over use of mastic covering welding holes, all causing containers to rust allowing for leaks and plywood floors to rot, therefore giving less security to the Unit.

We, ourselves, have found this when converting Units for our own storage company and that’s why we only use Insta doors and divider walls for our Self storage Units, to prevent leaks and damage caused by water over time and to ensure a high level of security is maintained.

So what makes our products the best container accessories and modifications on the market?

  • All products are powder coated to ensure no rust stains and increase life span. If you wish to then paint the accessory or modification after this can also act as a very good undercoat.
  • We only use items of a high quality steel  to increase security and strength of the shipping container.
  • Our products all come with installation guides to ensure easy and quick install.  
  • We offer a range of youtube videos so you can see just how easy it is to install and observe the quality.

Why not come and visit our show container in Horsham, West Sussex. We offer a range of bolt-on lock boxes, shipping container air vents, as well as doors, windows and divider walls/partitions.