6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Domino Clamps

The 6 Reasons Why You Need Domino Clamps

If you want an out-of-the-box solution to a repurposing problem on your shipping container, say like attaching an awning, then try the new Domino Clamps!

This flagship product of Container Clamps promises to bolt almost anything to a shipping container. Take note, no welding, no drilling, no hammering nor cutting involved. With domino clamps, you can mount CCTVs, fasten a flag pole or fix a fence easily. You can do so much more without ever damaging your container.

And in case those are not logical enough, we have listed more reasons for you to think about.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Use Domino Clamps On Your Shipping Containers


Every year, thousands of used containers are often dumped and left to rust in their destination ports. And because of this, the challenge was now to find new ways to use and reuse shipping containers. As a result, a cleverly designed clamp was created to aid in reinventing containers to anything from box parks into a temporary shelter in disaster relief zones. Care to save the planet by recycling or reusing your container? Use domino clamps.


This is a clamp that can do it all, even attaching the moon on a stick! Watch how they did it. Check out this video.


The drop forge method makes any metal stronger in the process. Therefore, the domino clamp is metalwork that has durable, strong, and reliable parts. domino clamps F&BAdded to that, the first coating of Zinc and the second layer of Xylan offers dependable protection against corrosion.


The shipping container architecture has taken its leaps and bounds over the years. Now, with the birth of domino clamps, construction companies, modular building companies and container hire agencies are taking interest in what these clamps can offer to their industry.


Installing domino clamps could not get any easier. First, undo the centre bolt using the accompanying 10 mm hex key. Then, insert the clamp to the side or end hole of the corner casting. Lastly, tighten the clamp using the same hex key. Voila! It’s ready. Attach anything you want using the M12 threaded screw holes. If you want to remove it, you simply loosen the centre bolt with the hex key.


From container houses to hostels to site offices, domino clamps is a sure way of keeping your shipping container construction project in your budget. How? Well, if you’re not going to use the domino clamps, the alternative will be attaching to the steel chassis of the shipping container through welding or drilling. Costly sub-contractors will weld and drill them for you. Also, a damaged container may not be as beneficial as you expected it to be.

Domino clamps are non-destructive and reusable making you save a lot of money from unnecessary expenses.


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