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6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Domino Clamps

If you want an out-of-the-box solution to a repurposing problem on your shipping container, say like attaching an awning, then try the new Domino Clamps! This flagship product of Container Clamps promises to bolt almost anything to a shipping container. Take note, no welding, no drilling, no hammering nor cutting involved. With domino clamps, you can mount CCTVs, fasten a flag pole or fix a fence easily. You can do so much more without ever […]

Domino Clamps

Domino Clamps

The smartest way to attach almost anything to shipping containers. | Versatile | Non-Destructive | Reusable | Safe What are Domino Clamps? Domino Clamps are a new product from Container Clamps, which allow you to attach almost anything to shipping containers. These are strong, safe, easy to use and above all; it will not damage your container. The clamps attach directly into the side or end holes of the corner casting and they are removable […]

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