Domino Clamps

Domino Clamps

The smartest way to attach almost anything to shipping containers. | Versatile | Non-Destructive | Reusable | Safe

What are Domino Clamps?

Domino Clamps are a new product from Container Clamps, which allow you to attach almost anything to shipping containers. These are strong, safe, easy to use and above all; it will not damage your container. The clamps attach directly into the side or end holes of the corner casting and they are removable and reusable so you can use them again and again.


Domino Clamps attach a metal plate with four M12 threaded bolt holes to the corner castings, so you can use them to attach just about anything to the outside of a shipping container:Domino_Clamps


The Domino Clamp attaches to either of the side holes in the ISO corner castings, so there is no need to damage your container when attaching things to the outside. Instead, bolt whatever you need directly to the Domino Clamp itself and put away your drills, angle grinders and welding unit… you won’t need them.

Domino Clamps Non Destructive


Domino Clamps are reusable. Just undo the main bolt as far as it will go and the Domino can be removed. Then reattach it to another shipping container. Easy!


For those wanting to get an idea of how you can use Domino Clamps to attach something to a container, the first thing to do is to watch this video, which will explain the basic concept and the mechanics of how it is attached and detached from the corner casting.


Looking for more detailed information? Download our technical specifications documents and instructions sheet.

Instructions Download


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