Fast installing shipping container shelving ideal for building sites

shipping container shelving

Quickfit container accessories is proud to present its fast installing and extra strong shelving system. Suitable to many types of shipping container the brackets simply hook on to the loops on the inside of the shipping container sides and the bracket resting pad can be placed in the bracket and positions against the wall. Once you have your desired number of brackets in place (this will depend on the length of shelf required three to four suits one side of a 20ft shipping container). simply slide your desired lengths of timber in place and push together to form the shelf. Now finished you are ready to start organising your shipping container stored good on this strong and reliable shelf.




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Shelving bracket stress test PDF Download


The benefits of our  shipping container shelving to standard racking or shelf unit:

  • All our products are powder coated and designed to last.
  • Our shipping container shelving bracket offers a fantastic capacity to hold and store heavy items as seen in the stress test pdf.
  • The easy install design allows you to have the shelving ready in less than 5 minutes.
  • The shelf can work with different thinknesses of board depending on the strength required. to maximise the strength we recommend 2 lengths of 10×2 inch timbers.




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