The 6 Importance of Bridge Clamps to the Shipping Container Industry

The 6 Importance of Bridge Clamps to the Shipping Container Industry

Dislodged containers is a horrible sight. That is why we want you to use bridge clamps

Safety and security can never be overstated in the shipping container industry. Significantly, natural calamities like typhoon or earthquake may spoil not only the goods inside the containers but also the people and properties around them. Using bridge clamps will definitely lower the chances of displaced containers on land and at sea, thankfully.

A bridge clamp ties two or more containers end-to-end or side-to-side. Generally, we use twist locks to stack containers vertically, and then we use bridge clamps to lock them horizontally in place. Aside from these, bridge clamps also play important roles in the shipping container industry, to wit:

  • Secures Containers in Transit

Shipping containers transported through a barge is easy to tip or fall to the other side. Definitely, bridge clamps will prevent this from happening. By keeping the containers together, these fittings fuse the weight of the containers making them harder to move, tip or fall.

The 6 Importance of Bridge Clamps

  • Prevents From Toppling Over

Strong winds and unexpected seismic activities can cause containers to move or rock from their stacks. Particularly, if more than four layers are arranged. The top tier might fall eventually causing damage to lives and properties.

  • Allows Easy Stowage

A bridge clamp locks the corner fittings without the need to lift the containers again. This security allows for easy lengthwise and crosswise stowage, neatly.

  • Connects and Disconnects With Ease

Now, connecting or disconnecting containers is a hassle-free activity. Its twist-lock design lets you loosen or fasten your containers together anytime you think you need to do it.

The 6 Importance of Bridge Clamps

  • Supports Container Modifications

The popularity of modified shipping containers has significantly increased over time. We can now see container houses, apartments, and offices. As a result, many office containers have 2 or more layers stacked. Containerised units will have people working inside instead of the usual cargo. For this reason, bridge clamps are highly recommended to keep the lightweight office top layer, mostly the 2nd or 3rd, from getting blown off due to strong winds.

  • Easy Maintenance

When installed, bridge clamps generally hold together. However, a scheduled check-up is necessary to make sure the clamps did not come slightly loose because of the frequent opening and closing of the doors or the regular loading and unloading of items. It is essential that bridge fittings remain tight all the time.



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