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Twist and Lock: How Important are Twistlocks for Shipping Containers?

Cargos around the globe, whether docked in ports or in transit, require exceptional care and attention. This is because their safety and security are, admittedly, necessary evils in this industry. For this reason, it is imperative that cargo containers should have twist-locks. Twistlocks are devices that are primarily incorporated to join and lock containers vertically and/or horizontally. As a result, these connection gizmos became very vital to safely securing containers for transportation and retrofitting purposes. […]

The 6 Importance of Bridge Clamps to the Shipping Container Industry

Dislodged containers is a horrible sight. That is why we want you to use bridge clamps.  Safety and security can never be overstated in the shipping container industry. Significantly, natural calamities like typhoon or earthquake may spoil not only the goods inside the containers but also the people and properties around them. Using bridge clamps will definitely lower the chances of displaced containers on land and at sea, thankfully. A bridge clamp ties two or […]

The Importance of using Twistlock Stacking Pins on Shipping Containers

  The Importance of using Twistlock Stacking Pins on Shipping Containers. Stacking shipping containers mean you will be able to free up more space on your site and organize them the way you like it. The problem is with strong winds for example, containers tend to get dislodged. However, by using Twistlock Stacking Pins you can help prevent such a problem. On the images below, you can see the severity of the accidents caused by […]

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