The Importance of Efficient Lighting for your Self-Storage Facility

How do business owners manage safety at their sites? They bring up cameras, alarm systems, security guards and more. These are all great options, but there’s a foundation component that must come first: lighting.

Why is lighting such an important piece of security for your overall business plan?

Night Light

People don’t tend to think about lighting until there isn’t enough of it. They feel uneasy when they can’t see where they’re going or who’s around them, especially if they’re in an unfamiliar place.

Adequate light is critical for security, especially for the use of video cameras. Too little light makes the difference between recording actual faces vs. mere silhouettes.

Keeping your facility secure through quality lighting provides assurance to you, your customers and employees. Everyone will feel safer knowing there are no unlit nooks or crannies to hide would-be criminals.

Exterior Lighting

Secure lighting starts from the outside. It should protect people from the moment they drive up to your facility. More than one in 10 property crimes are committed in dark areas such as parking lots or garages, according to Justice Statistics. Lighting can play a critical role in preventing these incidents. No one should be able to lurk near your facility unnoticed.

A facility with good lighting produces even light that enhances visibility and allows people to clearly see who’s approaching them. Higher light levels also allow security cameras to capture facial features. Overly bright or irregular light can create blind spots or cause a viewer to see only a backlit silhouette when someone approaches, which can provoke anxiety and make it difficult to avoid unpleasant characters.

Aside from preventing crime, proper lighting is essential to walk around safely and avoid tripping. Uneven lights can cause night blindness as people walk from a well-lit area to a darker one. We might not be able to see ledges, elevation changes and other hazards. Lights should illuminate the whole facility without dark spots between fixtures. This means no shadows where dangers can hide.

We recommend using the Quickfit utility pole, Utility Poleas it gives you many options for output light levels and mounting heights.

You can also use it to mount CCTV cameras. Floodlights are commonly used for facility exteriors, they can create extreme bright and dark spots. A LED light mounted in a good utility pole is better because it distributes the light evenly.


  • Clamps onto container corner casting.
  • Fast and easy to install
  • No need  to weld
  • Ideal for fixing floodlight fittings, CCTV and PIR Sensor.

Utility Pole for Light Fittings or CCTV

Our utility pole allows you to easily fix light fittings and CCTV cameras to your container. Ideal for container self-storage sites. Also for the garage, outdoor and garden use.
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