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Why Install Windows on Storage Containers?

Why Install Windows on Storage Containers? You get ventilation and natural light The inside of a container can be quite dark and musty. This is ideal when shipping merchandise, but it becomes excessive when the container is used for other purposes. By installing windows on storage containers, natural lighting and some ventilation can do wonders for a living space or office created inside a container. This is one tough and stylish window! This window looks […]

The Importance of Efficient Lighting for your Self-Storage Facility

How do business owners manage safety at their sites? They bring up cameras, alarm systems, security guards and more. These are all great options, but there’s a foundation component that must come first: lighting. Why is lighting such an important piece of security for your overall business plan? People don’t tend to think about lighting until there isn’t enough of it. They feel uneasy when they can’t see where they’re going or who’s around them, […]

Get your container organised Before christmas! With Quickfit’s shelving and Racking

Quickfit Container Accessories is offering super deals on shipping container shelving and pipe racking. With a fantastic stock and with free next day delivery*. Our shelving system is so easy to put together you can be up and running ready to fill the shelves in less than 10 minutes.   Whether its archiving, tool storage, heavy duty equipment, additional stock, we can help solve your storage problem.   https://www.quickfitcontaineraccessories.co.uk/product-category/racking-and-shelving/ We also offer pipe racking which […]

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