Twist and Lock: How Important are Twistlocks for Shipping Containers?

Cargos around the globe, whether docked in ports or in transit, require exceptional care and attention. This is because their safety and security are, admittedly, necessary evils in this industry.

For this reason, it is imperative that cargo containers should have twist-locks.

Twistlocks are devices that are primarily incorporated to join and lock containers vertically and/or horizontally. As a result, these connection gizmos became very vital to safely securing containers for transportation and retrofitting purposes.

Additionally, twist-locks were standardly designed to secure containers while on marine, rail, or land transport. They make certain that containers stacked on top of each other are secured to anchor points. Thus, twistlocks prevent accidental dislodging.

How does twist-lock work?Dovetail Twistlock foundations (45- degree)

  • First, insert a cone-shaped top into the top or bottom of a corner casting.
  • Lastly, rotate the lever to 90 degrees to lock it into the corner casting.
    • Once locked in place, it can no longer be separated for the corner casting.
    • Some have built-in levers or mechanisms, others may require tools to lock them in place.

Whatever your container safety needs may be,  we have a twist-lock available for you.

Twistlock Fixing Plate

Secure the ground for everything begins at the ground.

The Twistlock fixing plate keeps ISO shipping containers fixed to the ground even in heavy wind conditions. Its mechanism allows quick installation and easy removal of the container from its fixing points—easy to install, easy to remove, easy to re-use.

Product Description

Twistlock Fixing Plate for Shipping Containers


  • Weight – 8.5 KG
  • Fixing Plate – 16mm
  • Four Holes in Base Plate – 10mm diameter
  • Four Holes for Bolts – 16mm diameter
  • With galvanized finish for durability


Adjustable Levelling Twistlock Leg

The rule of thumb is this: Whether for embedment or for stacking, a leveled footing is always necessary.

Leveling twist-lock legs make containers sit even on rugged surfaces. These legs are rigidly connected into the bottom corner caster of a shipping container. Moreover, each leg adjusts up to 580mm to establish balance on all sides.

Notably, this leveling is paramount to any shelter or modular container.

Product Description

Levelling Twistlock Leg

  • Weight – 12.8 KG
  • Load Tension – 10,000 KG
  • Adjustment level – 580 mm
  • Four Holes in Base Plate – 10mm diameter
  • With galvanized finish for durability




Dovetail Twistlock Stacking Pins

Dovetail Twistlock Stacking Pins secure bottomed containers in a stack and allow a horizontal or vertical connection. Added to that, stacking pins also cover and hold a raised socket that could cause an obstruction. Therefore, we can expect cutbacks on deck hazards.

For an easy attach-and-detach installation or removal, this product works well with Dovetail Foundation.

Product Description

Dovetail Twistlock Stacking Pin

  • Boltable
  • Weight – 10.8 KG
  • Welding with 16mm plate
  • With galvanized finish for durability



Twistlock Stacking Pins

Shipping containers stacked on top of each other needs stability in all its corners. However, movements due to strong high winds, sudden earthquakes, or a vehicle accidentally colliding with them are a sure threat to health and safety. Consequently, the need to lock stacked containers together is indeed absolute.

Twistlock Stacking Pins keep shipping containers connected and locked in place.  Therefore, these pins make stacked containers ideal for site storage and temporary offices.

Product Description

  • Double-ended design
  • Has a lever that can be engaged or disengaged; for easy locking and unlocking
  • Requires 4 per container
  • Weight –  6.6 KG per stacking pin
  • With galvanized finish for durability




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