The Importance of using Twistlock Stacking Pins on Shipping Containers


The Importance of using Twistlock Stacking Pins on Shipping Containers.

Stacking shipping containers mean you will be able to free up more space on your site and organize them the way you like it. The problem is with strong winds for example, containers tend to get dislodged. However, by using Twistlock Stacking Pins you can help prevent such a problem.

On the images below, you can see the severity of the accidents caused by not stacking your shipping containers securely.

What is Twistlock Stacking Pins?

Shipping Container Twistlock Stacking Pins has a plate with a locating pin on the end that slots into the holes cut out on the corner casts. The locking stacking pin/cones come with a handle and can lock or unlock two shipping containers. It is now a mandatory HSE requirement.

Fitting is easy, all you have to do is to connect a Twistlock Stacking Pins to each of the 4 corner castings of the container before stacking. Additionally, the four corner posts of a container should match up with the corner posts of the container above and below it.  Although containers are designed to be stacked, it is necessary to lock them together for safety.  Particularly on sites which may be susceptible to movement.

As a result, you create more space at your site, and you can now have peace of mind that your containers are securely held together.

Forgot to add Twistlock Stacking Pins before your containers were stacked? No problem!

Already have the containers on site but forgot to install twist locks? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

You can add bridge clamps to secure the stacked boxes without the need to lift the containers again.


How to Install:

  • Open the bridge clamp by twisting shaft until a minimum distance between grips of approx 200mm is achieved.
  • Insert the bridge clamp across adjacent corner castings as shown, ensuring grip hooks are inside corner casting.
  • Rotate the shaft to tighten grips using central spanner point.
  • Tighten the lock nut up to adjacent grip to ensure clamp it not easy to loosen.


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